Our Experience with Baby Lead Weaning

Before I had my daughter I always figured starting solids with a baby would be easy and fun because, well, food is yummy. I thought the hardest part would be cleaning up all baby food that would end up splattered everywhere afterwards.

During my pregnancy I read everything I could get my hands on about baby development and that’s when I first learned about baby led weaning. I wasn’t too keen on it at first because I had this traditional image in my head of feeding a baby purée with a spoon while of course making the necessary plane sounds since we all know that’s key to getting baby to eat. I put the thought of baby led weaning in the back of my mind and instead decided to start with purées.

I thought I was doing everything right; I followed all the recommended guidelines and waited until she was 6 months old to introduce solids and I even made my own baby food to avoid any unnecessary preservatives. And guess what? She had no interest what-so-ever in eating.

I kept seeing all these other mothers posting pictures on social media of their babies with spaghetti and banana all over their faces seemingly enjoying baby led weaning. I wanted my daughter to enjoy the taste of food too so after two months of her refusing to try the puréed baby food, I decided to give baby led weaning a try. It really wasn’t the route I was planning on taking and I still am not too sure about it. My biggest fear is that she will choke on something no matter how small or mushed up it is and I don’t think that fear is going to go away for quite some time still. We’ve tried different steamed veggies and fruits, speghetti, and a little bit of taco meat. And guess what? She still has no interest in eating. None whatsoever.

I joke with my husband that there’s no need to get a smash cake for her first birthday because she’s not going to want any cake and she doesn’t even really like to play with her food. There is no rush. We are going to continue down the path of baby led weaning and just wait until she is ready. For now I’ll just enjoy not having to clean baby food off the walls yet. So to all the other moms out there worrying about the ‘right way’ to start solids – there is no right or wrong way. You just have to do what works for your family and let your baby lead the way. 



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