I found this book by Robert Holden, Ph.D., tucked away today while I was cleaning. I’ve read it before but decided to start reading it again.

Loveability. Sounds easy enough right? But it’s not always easy to love and be loved. Sometimes we need a little reminder and gentle guidance.

Love exists all around us. Sometimes we call it something else; passion, happiness, joy. But really it’s all about love. We often tend to think of love in terms of people. Love for yourself, your family, your partner, your children, your friends.

But love is so much more. It’s in nature, animals, music, art, learning, exploring, the world, the unknown. Everything. Love is all around us, within us, we just have to open our eyes, feel it, and embrace it. It doesn’t just happen overnight; it’s an ongoing journey. We are all able to love more and should share this love with others, but we need to also believe that we are lovable and deserve to be loved.

I’ll leave it at that for now. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day filled with happiness and good weather! Please share your thoughts about love. What does love mean to you?



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